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Railway Transportation

If the delivery time and the format of the goods allow the railway transportation , Stalker Logistics will gladly provide you with this service.

Railway transportation somewhat loses auto-delivery in speed, but they have a number of advantages, such as:

  • lower transportation cost;
  • clear traffic schedule and the ability to track the location of cargo in 24/7 format;
  • independence from weather conditions;
  • a stable price level that does not change over a long period of time, which allows you to correctly calculate the budget, in the case of long-term projects.

Stalker Logistics has a successful experience in the implementation of rail transportation both within the Russian Federation and from the territory of the EU. Having direct contractual relations with all units of the state railway structures of the CIS countries (RZD, UKRZELEZNITSA, etc.) and, our company will be able to offer you such services as:

  • lease of common park platforms;
  • rent of private platforms;
  • payment of railway tariffs along the whole route of the cargo;
  • development and coordination of schemes for placing cargo on the platform;
  • loading at stations and other related works at the best price.