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Multimodal oversize transportation

Quite often the client encounters a situation when the dimensions or characteristics of the cargo do not allow, or make a very expensive transportation on one vehicle, without overloading in transit. It is here that a number of problems arise with the coordination of a variety of logistics stages, such as:

  • truckers;
  • ports;
  • shipping companies;
  • customs services;
  • railway stations etc.

Sometimes, multi-modal transportation can consist of 5-6 similar different types of transportation, replacing each other several times in a short time period.

Possessing extensive experience in such transportation, Stalker Logistics will do all this work for you, and deliver the cargo in a door-to-door format to anywhere in the world. For the period of transportation, the company assumes full legal and material responsibility for the safety of the goods, the preparation of all accompanying documents, permits for oversized transportation, and customs transit clearance. Such an integrated approach significantly saves the client's time and also reduces the costs for your business. The client need only wait for his cargo at the delivery point.

Despite the complicated logistics of such shipments, our customers receive a reasonable commercial offer no later than 24 hours after sending us their inquiry.